Our Wedding Philosophy

Benjamin Buren and his team have been making amazing images of wedding celebrations for almost twenty years. Over 500 unique and amazing celebrations have contributed to the development and refinement of our unique wedding style. Some call it photo journalistic/classic; others have noted our ability to capture an amazing array of moods and situations in the most unique way. A pensive moment of anticipation while putting your wedding dress on, laughing children and happy friends, family dynamics at their best, the expression of love and commitment shared… All these moments make up your special day – Alive Studios will capture the magic with a compelling array of talent.

Working with Alive Studios as your photographers will include two phases. In the first phase Benjamin will spend approximately one hour showing you portfolio work, discussing your vision, and developing a unique approach to your wedding celebration. If you are working with one of the team members, that photographer will be present as well. When you choose to work with Alive Studios, Benjamin will become involved in the planning of all aspects of your wedding, focusing of course, on photography. In most situations, this includes an engagement shoot adventure as well.

On The Celebration Day, Benjamin, or your chosen photographer, and a second shooter show up about one half hour before the agreed upon time to meet with wedding planners, scope out the environment and light, and begin preparing to capture the ensuing magic. We then shoot all the events and images that were agreed upon, using multiple professional Nikon Digital d700 and d800 full frame cameras, natural light or flash, and a healthy dose of creativity and skill. A dramatic photojournalistic storybook (your proofs) will be built form the images we interpret and the magical events which transpire.

Next a professional lab is employed to develop an 8″x10″ bound keepsake proof book of all your images. Each page has 9 wallet sized images arranged artistically that tell the story of the day. This keepsake proof book is included in your wedding, and does not cost extra. Having proofs that you own is a critical element of selecting the right photographers. Make sure you don’t have to pay for proofs. This keepsake album is meticulously assembled in such a way that you will re-experience the ambiance and magic of your celebration day as you flip through it.. Alive Studios will present this proof book to you less than two weeks after the celebration. It is yours to keep, no additional charge.

All the elements of phase one; capturing your wedding, the presentation of proofs, our personalities and professional attitudes, and our photography skill are all equally important. Alive Studios is committed to going beyond satisfying your expectations; we strive to delight you with the results.

After presenting the proof book, we then we enter phase two – reprints, enlargements, and albums and beyond. There are a myriad of options to choose from. You are not obligated to buy “packages”, or commit to a certain number of reprints, it’s all up to you.

To assist in making comparisons and in developing an overall photographic budget, details about phase one and phase two costs are explained in the Investment section of this website.


With over 20 years of experience, we have been tasked with shooting every imaginable type of wedding and embraced a myriad of wedding styles and approaches. With no direction from the couple, we take an approach that borrows heavily from the photo journalistic style, but also complements that with classic wedding photography of families, wedding parties, and the couple. That being said, we love edging more towards the chic modern approach many brides request in these times, or really pushing the creative fringe with bohemian steampunk. Truly, we are versed in almost any wedding style you desire. Challenge us.


Amazing pictures that tell the story of your wedding don’t just happen. It takes an artist to shape the unique moments into an image and then capture it in just the right way. Feeling comfortable and confident with your photographer is where this begins. Our experience plays a significant factor in how we interact with everyone at the celebration; from you and your family, to all of your honored guests – even the rest of the vendors and staff. We know how to balance just the right amount of structure with a healthy dose of spontaneity. The results will go far beyond making you happy; they will delight you and excite you.


We shoot with Full Frame DX Nikon Digital SLR cameras (d800 and d700) in RAW format, which yields the highest quality final image available on the market. All our lenses are the best made and provide unparalleled clarity and sharpness. Our workflow is rock solid and we have never lost an image, not one – ever! All images are fully edited for color balance, proper cropping, basic blemish touchup, removal of extraneous background imagery, and perfection. We even play around sometimes with selective color, grunge filters, chic filters, etc. Ask and you shall receive.