Your Wedding Photography Investment

Capturing compelling images of your wedding is one of the most vital elements of the entire celebration. Alive Studios takes a unique approach to developing our approach, defining deliverables, and ultimately coming up with a budget that fits your desire to invest in the lifelong memories of the day you begin your lives together as a married couple.

As explained in the Philosophy section of this site, charges are broken into two phases. Phase one pricing with Alive Studios is determined by the amount of time spent shooting your wedding, and the cost of processing the images. Shooting time is billed at between $250 and $350/hour for the time worked on the day of your wedding, and includes full rights to your digital high resolution JPG images. For the image processing, a charge of $2/proof image presented is billed. We believe in charging you up front for exactly what is delivered, nothing more. This is why we don’t sell “packages” that force you to fit our idea of what a wedding should cost. Each wedding is unique and different, and therefore each wedding has a different level of investment.

Each of our photographers has a different style and a rate consistent with their experience. Rates are as follows:

Benjamin – $350/hour
Johannah – $300/hour
Ania – $300/hour
Jitka – $275/hour
Lauren – $250/hour

For most weddings, we shoot approximately 75 – 100 images per hour throughout the celebration (any mix of color or B&W presented). An average of between six and ten hours is typical for most celebrations. This puts final costs for phase one between $2500 and $4500 depending on the details of your wedding and the photographer you work with. This includes full digital rights to your high resolution images, as well as an album credit.

It is very difficult to estimate phase two costs (albums, reprints, digital negatives, etc.) because it’s entirely up to you how many enlargements to order, what type of album, etc. Click below to investigate more about phase one, as well as details on phase two.

Custom Designed Weddings

With over 20 years of experience, we have been tasked with shooting every imaginable type of wedding and embraced a myriad of styles and approaches. With no direction from the couple, we take an approach that borrows heavily from the photo journalistic style, but also complements that with classic wedding photography of families, wedding parties, and the couple. That being said, we love edging more towards the chic modern approach many brides request in these times, or really pushing the creative fringe with bohemian steampunk. Truly, we are versed in almost any style you desire.


Amazing pictures that tell the story of your wedding don’t just happen. It takes an artist to shape the unique moments into an image and then capture it in just the right way. Feeling comfortable and confident with your photographer is where this begins. Our experience plays a significant factor in how we interact with everyone at the celebration; from you and your family, to all of your honored guests – even the rest of the vendors and staff. We know how to balance just the right amount of structure with a healthy dose of spontaneity. The results will go far beyond making you happy; they will delight you and excite you. Challenge us. All wedding contracts are unique and based entirely on what you desire.

Additional Services

We offer a full range of services to complement the basic wedding coverage discussed above. These include additions such as: extended engagement picnic adventures, bridal shoots, bachelorette fashion shoots, rehearsal consulting and rehearsal dinner coverage, extended hours, photo booths, and more. We are here for you.

Additional Deliverables

The first and most important step of your wedding photography experience is everything that leads up to your day, and then – the wonderful art of having Alive Studios capture everything with our cameras, our experience, and our unparalleled skill. The next step is where it all comes together. We offer a wide range of incredible albums, full print and canvas enlargements packages, archival custom framing, full digital copyrights to all images and a host of other excellent ways to treasure your memories forever.

Digital File Copyrights

We shoot with Full Frame DX Nikon Digital SLR cameras in RAW format, which yields the highest quality final image available on the market. All our lenses are the best made and provide unparalleled clarity and sharpness. Our workflow is rock solid and we have never lost an image, not one – ever! All images are fully edited for color balance, proper cropping, basic blemish touchup, removal of extraneous background imagery, and perfection. We even play around sometimes with selective color, grunge filters, chic filters, etc. This ultimately yields the art that is your wedding! All of this is captured and presented in JPG format on our Viewing and Ordering website, hosted by Pro Image Software. Your Digital High Resolution Digital Negatives are always included in any package.

Online Viewing and Ordering

Alive Studios partners with Pro Image Software to bring you the definitive online viewing and ordering experience. All wedding images are organized by category, making it amazingly easy to find particular moments and memories. The site allows for choosing of favorites, enlargement for enhanced detail, building of slideshows, etc. And, as a gift to you, we prelude your wedding with a custom designed slideshow put to the music of your choosing.