About Us Old

Welcome to Alive Studios! I, Benjamin D. Buren, am the professional photographer and magician at Alive Studios. My team and I provide compelling imagery to inspired clients all over the world. Alive Studios started over 20 years ago when my flourishing consulting engineering career proved to only be part of the vision. Since then I’ve never looked back in the pursuit of creative construction! Our team includes over half a dozen brilliant individuals who all draw inspiration from the amazing energy of Boulder, Colorado. We have the depth and versatility to create everything from elegant wedding photography and stunning portraiture to captivating product shots and inspired architectural artistry! As you explore our site, remember one thing; power flows where your attention goes. And, ours attention focuses on using the magic of light to draw out the essence of our subjects. Enjoy Alive Studios!

Photography has captivated me as far back as I can remember, but it wasn’t till being immersed in the intensity of engineering school that I realized what an outlet it could be.  When I wasn’t studying about thermodynamics or differential equations my mind started wandering towards the more creative elements of visual presentation.  I can still recall my first “ah-ha” moment; out one brilliantly sunny morning after an ice storm with my first camera, a Canon AE1 (I now shoot Nikon).  I spent a magical few hours capturing spring blossoms covered with ice, sunburst blasting through intricate branches, and vivid dichotomous renditions of spring life and cold ice.   In those hours I saw a different world through my camera, and days later as I flipped through the prints (yup, that was when we shot film and got it developed) my heart sped up and I felt a calling…  Throughout the years I’ve built Alive Studios based on the magic of how I feel when capturing that “frozen” moment in time, the instant when the essence of the subject collides with my artistic ability!

The Alive Studios Team

is made up of professional photographers, second shooters, assistants, editors, stylist, art directors, and administration.   While I, Benjamin, do most of the actual capturing, certain situations are enhanced by additional photographers or different styles.  The entire team is focused on bringing integrity, creativity and passion together to create magic!


Alive Studios has captured the magic of over 500 weddings in the past 20 years. We delight in telling the story of love that culminates in Marriage and then blast forth into Life and beyond. What an honor to be present capturing them moments of your amazing day, and presenting them as art that will last a lifetime. Our team is versatile in all aspects of modern day wedding photography and we are flexible enough to fit almost any reasonable budget. Explore the Wedding portion of this site and be ready to get blown away with our magical imagery.


While much of our work is on location, Alive Studios proper is located in North Boulder and boast 600 square feet of beautiful space and all the professional equipment necessary to produce the highest caliper studio photography in Boulder. We shoot regularly for clothing companies, online retailers, local food producers and a host of other amazing entrepreneurs. Corporate headshots and modeling portfolios also keep us busy throughout the year. We have 12’ backdrop spaces to accommodate larger groups, as well as performance art and huge art pieces. Basic studio lighting is a breeze, exquisitely lit stills in a controlled environment requires the expertise of Alive Studios!


The art of capturing your essence in a fleeting moment requires far more than technical skill and a decent camera. Portrait work is a form of photography we at Alive Studios take great pride in excelling at. From creating an incredible headshot that will be the face of your business to working with a family to capture the intimate dynamic of kinship; we love it all! Social media pictures, online dating profiles, acting headshots, modeling portfolios, corporate headshots, there is no type of portraiture that we don’t embrace. When you are ready to love an image of yourself, come to Alive Studios and let us capture the magic.


Architectural Artistry is the best way to describe how we approach creating images of spaces and places. When selling a house in this day of online lists, dynamic tours, and virtual walkthroughs, there is no alternative to high quality amazing images. We employ cutting edge equipment and the latest technology to produce stunning pictures of your space. Use of distortion free lenses, source lighting and HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology allows us capture and process architectural photography for a fraction of the typical costs. Whether you’re looking to show off your restaurant, sell your mansion, or capture the exquisite view from your back yard deck, Alive Studios will delight and amaze you!